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Let’s connect at @SxSW. And talk hardware, robotics, drones, satellites, imaging, data…

I will be joining a whole bunch of Boston/MIT SxSW attendees today on an early morning JetBlue flight to Austin. I will be there from Friday through Tuesday.

I am looking forward to this year’s SxSW, especially because there is going to be a lot of focus on hardware, robotics, satellites, drones, artificial intelligence, data analytics etc…areas that I invest in and love to learn more about. Email me at, connect with me on twitter @bznotes, or on Linkedin to find time together.

On Saturday March 8th at 12:30pm, Dmitry Grishin (CEO of Mail.Ru and founder of first ever robotics focused investment fund, Grishin Robotics) and I will explore Consumer Robots on a SxSW featured session. Location is Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon H, 500 E 4th St. We will discuss what are modern consumer robots, why is there such an interest these days in such robots, what is coming down the pike in terms of innovation and commercialization, how are our lives affected by consumer robots without us even realizing very much, investment trends in hardware/robotics, issues in commercializing hardware, and innovation robotics across the globe.

On Sunday March 9th from 2-6pm I will be at StageTwo, an official SxSw event focused on attendees in the consumer electronics industry. The hardware tsunami is here and many people leading this revolution will be joining us. It will be all about hardware, devices, gadgets. I will join Robert Scoble, Brady Forrest, Scott Miller, Asad Iqbal, Ben Einstein and others in giving a short talk. I will speak on investing in hardware companies.

On Monday March 10th from 5-6pm at Sheraton Austin Creekside, 701 E 11th St, I am excited to listen to a great panel discussion on Drones: Policy, Privacy & Public Safety. Helen Greiner, founder and CEO of CyPhy Works (and former cofounder and President of iRobot) will be joining two leading thinkers in the field or robotics, artificial intelligence and public engagement, Noel Sharky and Robin Murphy to look at positive and negative impacts of drone technology on society.

Aside from the above, I also expect to be at various events/talks/panels/BBQs…just to hang out with friends, find new and interesting people to chat with, and to simply soak in the intelligence of people much smarter than me. I would be delighted to meet you there.


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