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Unpitch me. I am eager to learn and share new ideas!

On December 11th an awesome event took place in Boston. Dozens of VCs, angels and entrepreneurs came together for an event called Unpitch Boston. It wasn’t a biz plan competition, a demo day, or a chance to meet your favorite investor for 15 seconds while he stepped off-stage after giving a celebrity talk. It was an opportunity to sit down with investors in a relaxed environment, discuss your idea, and get investor feedback. I wish I could have been in Boston to attend in person.

It is almost holidays week and since many people take off from work, I find myself with a little more time open on my calendar than normal…so why not do my own Unpitch type thing and open up my calendar for an entire day to hear interesting ideas that entrepreneurs are working on, and provide investor feedback. I would incredibly enjoy meeting new people and hearing about the awesome new ideas they are working on, and hopefully be able to provide useful feedback/thoughts on the idea, team, execution, fundraising, competition etc. I don’t care if you are a successful serial entrepreneur, or a young undergrad student working on a project.

So here’s the plan: I am allocating all of December 24th for this. Please email me at with one paragraph on what you are doing and would like feedback on. If I have no experience or ability to help in your space, I will let you know by email. Otherwise, I will work to find a 30-mins slot that day to chat and proverbially grab coffee together. This is not just for Silicon Valley, Boston or New York companies. I expect almost all conversations to happen by phone or vidyo, but sure, if you want to meet in person, I am happy to serve coffee in our office in Palo Alto.

I encourage you to check out Lux Capital website to learn more about me, and what we tend to focus on: disruptive ideas in technology, energy and healthcare that are built around hardware, software, data, analytics or some combination thereof.

Cheers and have a great xmas and holiday season!

update: I have been asked to add one more day to give people some choice. So yes: Dec 27th also open.

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